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EndNote: Reference 수집

Reference 수집 목록

Reference 수집 목록(12개)

SNU EndNote Guide 04. Library 만들기(0:47)

SNU EndNote Guide 05. 서울대학교 중앙도서관(1:44)

SNU EndNote Guide 06. RISS(1:18)

SNU EndNote Guide 07. Web of Science(1:36)

SNU EndNote Guide 08. PubMed(1:26)

SNU EndNote Guide 09. Scienc Direct(1:27)

SNU EndNote Guide 10. Academic Search Complete(1:52)

SNU EndNote Guide 11. ProQuest Central(1:32)

SNU EndNote Guide 12. Googld Scholar(1:11)

SNU EndNote Guide 13. Reference 직접 입력(6:13)

SNU EndNote Guide 14. Reference에 PDF 첨부하기(3:00)

SNU EndNote Guide 15. PDF 반입하여 Reference 만들기(2:28)

Library 만들기



Academic Search Completes

Google Scholar

Reference에 PDF 첨부하기

서울대학교 중앙도서관

Web of Science

Science Direct

ProQuest Central

Reference 직접 입력하기

PDF반입하여 Reference 만들기