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Study space weekends use application

1. Place of application 
   - Administration room, 5th floor of bld. 85

2. Way of application
   - For S-card users: available after entrance
   - For non-S-card users: available after getting
    a new enterance card
     * Deposit 20,000 won for a new entrance card
       (No refund for loss of card)

3. Time of application
    - Weekdays 9:00 ~ 18:00

4. Contact us
    -  02-880-1187


Open Hours

- Weekdays  09:00~18:00
- Break time  09:00~18:00

* For weekdays only, closed at weekends and holidays

Policy of use

- Circulation and reading : Only for SNU community members and Library members
- Circulation available for books only, not for other than books
- Reading only available for serials, reserved books, non-books, etc
- Not allowed for food, but for drink cups with lid

Circulation Policy

- Loan period

  • Undergraduate : 15 books for 14 days
  • Graduates/Reseacher/TA/Staffs : 30 books for 30 days
  • Professors : 60 books for 90 days

- Renewals

  • Borrowers are responsible for renewing items they have checked out, on or before they due date, to avoid overdue files.
  • Renewal is possible if no other patron is waiting to use the item.
  • Items can only be renewed three times.

- Fines

  • Exemption for fist 2 days, but should be paid from 3rd due dates, starting with 600 won.
  • 200 won will be added for 1 due date


- 20 study-seats.
- 3 PCs for internet search
- 2 printers with photocopy function(black & white only)
- 1 color scanner(A4 size only)


Open Hours

- Weekdays  09:00~23:00
- Break time  09:00~23:00

* For weekdays only, closed at weekends and holidays

* Reservation required for use after 8 P.M. during weekdays


  • Minimum capacity requirement is 2 people, and maximum is 10 per room.
  • Group Study Rooms may be reserved and used by current VMC members.
  • Off and online reservations are both possible. Online reservation is available at VML homepage.
  • The rooms are designated for group collaboration, not individual study (Inappropriate behavior is not permitted and will result in your reservation being terminated by Library Staff)
  • Noise levels must be kept to a minimum. 
  • While individuals may use a room if it is empty or not reserved, please cooperate by surrendering the space if requested by a student study group. 
  • Reservations will be held 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. If the group of 2 or more people is not present after the 10-minute grace period, the reservation is forfeited and the time slot becomes available to others.
  • Maximum reservation time limit is 3 hours. Reservations can be renewed once if it is empty or not reserved.
  • Do not leave your valuables unattended in the Group Study Rooms at any time. The Library is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property.
  • Check a white board, a table, chairs and electric wires to be ordered and outlets to be off before you leave. If you don't, warnings will be executed to all members.
  • More than 3 times of warning will result in a penalty.

★Panilty policies

  • In case of hindering other's study due to making a noise.
  • In case of leaving the room without ordering room facilities(chaires, heaters, and electric wires, etc.

 * Panaly points will be added to all the member of group. 3 panelty points will not permit you to use Group Study Room for 1 month.


  • 5 Group Study Rooms
  • HDMI cable connect monitor to laptop(1 monitor per 1 room)
  • MINI, MICRO HDMI gender provided
  • Equipment lending service
    • 1 laptop, 1 blueray ODD, 4 multi taps
    • Inqueries to librarians   
Open Hours

- 09:00 A.M. ~ 11:00 P.M.
- Closed at Chusuk and New year holidays


- Only for members of SNU communities
- No food except drinks with lid


- 86 seats(Power outlets provided fro 50 seats)


This is the way to use e-journals when you know "source name" and exact issue of journals.


1. Find by "journal title" in the "Book and Media" search box.


그림1. 소장자료선택


2. Find "e-journal" type from the search results, and click "online access".


그림2. 이용가능 기간 확인

From above example, you can access from year 1986  to 2015 on PubMed Central, and from 2010 to current on Vet library subscription site.
Connect to PubMed Central for using issue of 1999 and to Vet. library subscription site for 2016 issues.


3. E-mail to if the issue you want to use is not included in the subscription year coverage.
   We will find out whether we can get the issue from other libraries in cooperation.
* It can be charged to use Document Delivery Services 
**Contact to us if you have any questions

Document Delivery Services deliver copies of journal articles and book chapters owned at any of DDS cooperation member libraries.

Request processing

1. 원문복사 신청Fill the "DDS Request Form" from the "Quick Menu" on VM library main page(Article title, Source, volume, and page informations are needed)
2. Most DDS requests will be filled by providing an electronic copy to requester's e-mail.
* In case Provider doesn't deliver electronic copys by their policies, you should visit the VM libary and get print copies directly

Services and Fees

Basicly, library proccess free DDS>, But if you want to get DDS even it is priced, let us know. Then, library will process them.
- Free materials: Owned at SNU libraries(including other campus than Kwan-ak), all FRIC member libraries
- Priced: : Owned at other than above libraries.
- Domestic.
* Print materials : 70 won per 1 page + delivery charge자배송시 장당 100원.
- International .
* 8,000 won per 1 article

*DDS is only for members of SNU Veterinary Mecial College community.
**VM library holding print journals are available for copies to others inside the library.

All members of SNU Veterinary Medical College community are encouraged to suggest additions. The Library will honor book request as budgets permit and as the material is available.
To request book purchase, click <<HERE>>!!

Annual Purchase Limit

-SNU faculty: 1,200,000 won
-Ph.D/Combined Grad. Degree/Research Stu./Master/Part-time Faculty/TAs/Researchers: 600,000 won
-Undergraduate: 200,000 won

* If your request has been exceeded annual purchase limit, it will be considered to be purchased or deferred according to budget

* Priority is given to materials which support the research and teaching programs of the university

* Request must be submitted at least 30 days before the time needed to allow for shipping and processing time