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Turnitin in English: Similarity Report

Review the Similarity Score and Report


  1. Click the percentage and report icon to the right of the assignment title to access the Similarity Report.
    On the report, any matches within the paper you submitted will be highlighted.
  2. From the toolbar, click on the similarity score in red to view the Match Overview.
  3. On the Match Overview side panel, you will be able to see the list of sources that have matches with the submitted file.
  4. Click the arrow to the right of a source to see the Match Breakdown.
  5. Click one of the matches to see a preview box indicating the matching parts.

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                        Viewing a breakdown of your matches


  1. Click the graph icon from the toolbar to view All Sources.
  2. All of the sources that matches your text will be listed in the All Sources side panel.
  3. When you click on one of the sources, the navigation bar above will show how many times a part of the source has matched your paper. The preview box will indicate the matching part on the source text.

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  1. Click the filter icon from the toolbar to view Filters and Settings.
  2. You can exclude quotes and bibliography from the similarity report on the Filters and Settings side panel.

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                        Excluding quotes and bibliography


  1. Click the ETS icon from the toolbar to view e-rater Results. When you submit your paper, e-rater automatically checks the text for grammer, usage, mechanics, style and spelling errors and provides feedback.
  2. Click the e-rater marks on the uploaded file for a detailed description.
  3. Click View Handbook on top of the description to view the Turnitin Writer's Handbook.

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                        Viewing the Turnitin writer's handbook