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          - Author. Year. Title of Book. Place of publication: Publisher.
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 1인 저자
  • Smith, Zadie. 2016. Swing Time. New York: Penguin Press.
  • (Smith 2016, 315–16)
 2~3인 저자
  • Grazer, Brian, and Charles Fishman. 2015. A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life. New York: Simon & Schuster.
  • (Grazer and Fishman 2015, 12)
 4인 이상 저자
  • (Barnes et al. 2010)
 편집자, 편찬자, 번역자
  • Lahiri, Jhumpa. 2016. In Other Words. Translated by Ann Goldstein. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.
  • (Lahiri 2016, 146)
 장(Chapter) 또는 책의 
  • Thoreau, Henry David. 2016. “Walking.” In The Making of the American Essay, edited by John D’Agata, 167–95. Minneapolis: Graywolf Press.
  • (Thoreau 2016, 177–78)

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          - Author. Year. "Title of article." Title of Periodical, Volume (Issue): Pages.
        [Author-Date In-Text Citation]
          - (Author Year, Cited Pages)

 호(Issue)가 있는 저널
  • Satterfield, Susan. 2016. “Livy and the Pax Deum.” Classical Philology 111, no. 2 (April): 165–76.
  • (Satterfield 2016, 170)
 호(Issue)가 없는 저널
  • Graham, Sarah. 2006. "Impossible to hold: Women and culture in the 1960s." Journal of American Studies 40: 156-159.
  • (Graham 2006, 157)
 온라인 저널 논문
 (DOI가 없는 경우)
  • Hlatky, Mark A., Derek Boothroyd, Eric Vittinghoff, Penny Sharp, and Mary A. Whooley. 2002. "Quality-of-life and depressive symptoms in postmenopausal women after receiving hormone therapy." Journal of the American Medical Association 287, no. 5 (February 6),
  • (Hlatky et al. 2002)
 온라인 저널 논문
 (DOI가 있는 경우)
  • Keng, Shao-Hsun, Chun-Hung Lin, and Peter F. Orazem. 2017. “Expanding College Access in Taiwan, 1978–2014: Effects on Graduate Quality and Income Inequality.” Journal of Human Capital 11, no. 1 (Spring): 1–34.
  • (Keng, Lin, and Orazem 2017, 9–10)
 온라인 저널 논문
 (온라인 데이터베이스)
  • LaSalle, Peter. 2017. “Conundrum: A Story about Reading.” New England Review 38 (1): 95–109. Project MUSE.
  • (LaSalle 2017, 95)
  • Rutz, Cynthia Lillian. 2013. “King Lear and Its Folktale Analogues.” PhD diss., University of Chicago.
  • (Rutz 2013, 99–100)
 서평(Book review)
  • Kakutani, Michiko. 2016. “Friendship Takes a Path That Diverges.” Review of Swing Time, by Zadie Smith. New York Times, November 7, 2016.
  • (Kakutani 2016)


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