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참고문헌 작성법(Citation): References

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    ❏  기본 형식
         -  J. K. Author, “Title of chapter in the book,” in Title of His Published Book, xth ed. City of Publisher,
          (only U.S. State), Country: Abbrev. of Publisher, year, ch. x, sec. x, pp. xxx–xxx.

1인 저자
  • [1] L. Stein, “Random patterns,” in Computers and You, J. S. Brake, Ed. New York, NY, USA: Wiley, 1994, pp. 55–70.
2~6인 저자
  • [2] B. Klaus and P. Horn, Robot Vision. Cambridge, MA, USA: MIT Press, 1986.

    ※  7인 이상 저자는 첫 번째 저자명 다음에 et al. 기입
온라인 자료
  • [3] G. O. Young, “Synthetic structure of industrial plastics,” in Plastics, vol. 3, Polymers of Hexadromicon, J. Peters, Ed., 2nd ed. New York, NY, USA: McGraw-Hill, 1964, pp. 15–64. [Online]. Available:
편저, 번역서
  • [4] W. R. Leonard and M. H. Crawford, Eds. Human Biology of Pastoral Populations. New York, NY, USA: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2002.
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    ※  학술논문 인용 시에는 출판사 표기하지 않음
    ※  저널명의 경우 약어로 기입하는 것이 원칙(특히 IEEE 출간 저널)
  • [8] J. Smith. “Obama inaugurated as President.” (accessed Feb. 1, 2009).
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    ※  학과, 대학명은 약어로 표기하는 것이 원칙
  • [11] A. Amador-Perez and R. A. Rodriguez-Solis, “Analysis of a CPW-fed annular slot ring antenna using DOE,” in Proc. IEEE Antennas Propag. Soc. Int. Symp., Jul. 2006, pp. 4301–4304.
기술 보고서
  • [12] E. E. Reber, R. L. Michell, and C. J. Carter, “Oxygen absorption in the earth’s atmosphere,” Aerospace Corp., Los Angeles, CA, USA, Tech. Rep. TR-0200 (4230-46)-3, Nov. 1988.
데이터 세트
  • [13] S. Ansolabehere, M. Palmer, and A. Lee. “Precinct-level election data. V1.” January 20, 2014. Distributed by Harvard Election Data Archive.
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미출간 자료
  • [17] P. Kopyt et al., “Electric properties of graphene-based conductive layers from DC up to terahertz range,” IEEE THz Sci. Technol., to be published, doi: 10.1109/TTHZ.2016.2544142.
  • [18] B. Smith, “An approach to graphs of linear forms,” unpublished.


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